Golf Tips and Tricks To Enhance Your Swing

Golf Tips and Tricks To Enhance Your Swing

Not everyone who wants to play golf has the skills and talent. Some people just possess the passion and willingness to learn more about the sport. An excellent golfer should have the ability to execute the golf swings quite well, and the ability to complete a great swing is not a natural thing for most people who love golf. So, how do golfers learn how to do a natural swing? Well, there are a few golf tips and tricks that will help you master the art of executing a natural and effortless swing. Here is a couple of them that will assist you along the way:

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Practice Your Swing In Slow Motion

Even Tiger Woods had his share of poor swing days. However, slow motion golf swinging has been proved to be a technique that improves your golf swing. When you slow everything down, you can engrain the proper swing and feel every inch of the take-away and the follow-through. The best golf swing trainer in the world is not going to start you off at full speed. ┬áPartial swings and half-swings are going to be part of the lesson, so do this on your own to really “feel” your swing.

Proper Feet Position

The stability of your feet and balance affects the body’s flexibility and rotation when making a golf swing. There are different feet positions for various club types. However, the distance between your feet needs to be wider if you are using a longer shaft golf club. The reverse is also true for shorter clubs.

Body Alignment

This is another important aspect of playing golf. Your body should be properly aligned to the target. Your body should also be parallel to the ball to ascertain a good shot.

Proper Body Posture

Learning to have the correct posture improves your game. As such, don’t slouch your shoulders, and the spine needs to be in line. Ideally, there should be no bending on the waist and hip area. However, your knees need to be slightly bent, and you should maintain a 90-degree angle between the shaft of the club and the spine.

Learn How To Keep Your Body Balance

Balancing your body weight might seem to be a very basic thing, but many golfers fail to do it. It’s imperative to remember that your body weight has to be concentrated on the ball of your feet. Don’t put your body weight on the toes or heels as this will prevent you from executing the proper body rotation during the swing. Coordination and balance are keys to an excellent golf swing.

Ball Placement

Last but not least, you should learn how to position the golf ball. There are many golfers out there who do not know where to place the ball. If you are not sure about this, you might want to get some tips from professional golfers. Normally, your club is what indicates the position of the ball on the tee.

Even if you are an amateur, you can play golf like a professional by following these simple golf tips and tricks. However, learning them is not enough. They should be put into work and keep in mind that constant practice is essential if you want to enhance your golf swing and game overall. Do not restrict yourself to these tips only. Experiment with other techniques out there and you will ultimately be an excellent golfer.